• Art Curriculum at Wilkes
    The art curriculum at Wilkes Elementary School follows guidelines set in Bainbridge Island School District's Visual Arts Curriculum.  At each grade level, students study ideas and create projects related to the Elements of Design (line, shape, texture, color, space, value) and Principles of Composition (balance, emphasis/dominance, movement/rhythm, repetition/pattern). In addition, National Art Education Association Standards are used to develop thematic over-arching curriculum with link art process with discussions of contemporary and historic art and artists.  Many lessons are linked with grade-level curriculum to encourage the growth of comprehension in and through art and other disciplinary subjects.  Students also learn about basic drawing, painting, sculpture, and print-making techniques. Students are encouraged experiment, play, and improvise as they create.
    Currently students study the following concepts in combination with these projects: 
    COLOR:  Color collages 
    SHAPE:  Bird paintings with feathers, Koinobori Japanese fish paintings
    PORTRAITS:  Collage self-portraits with paint and found materials
    TEXTURE/PATTERNS:  Texture collages, Snowflake resist paintings, Snowflake styrofoam prints, Pinch pots, Textured clay hearts
    VALUE: Spaceship paintings
    COMPOSITION: Pattern repetition paintings, blue dog drawings, Asymmetrical floral paintings
    SPACE/PERSPECTIVE: 3D campgrounds 
    First Grade: 
    COLOR:  Miro paintings, Hockney landscapes 
    SHAPE:  Colored pen bird drawings, 2D to 3D drawings, animal puppets
    PORTRAITS:  18 x 24 painted self-portraits
    TEXTURE/PATTERNS: Clay leaves, Clay pinch pot hearts
    VALUE: Weather/Cloud paintings 
    COMPOSITION: Symmetrical arctic animal masks 
    SPACE/PERSPECTIVE: 3D sculptures 
    Second Grade: 
    COLOR:  Mondrian magic squares watercolor paintings
    LINE:  Lines to a point, Drawings from a bag 
    SHAPE:  Clay animals
    PORTRAITS: Imagination painted self-portraits
    TEXTURE/PATTERNS:  Textured fish pen drawings, Textured clay vases 
    VALUE: Ansel Adams Cloud paintings 
    COMPOSITION: Symmetrical painted masks, Radial pastel drawings, Asymmetrical floral paintings
    SPACE/PERSPECTIVE:  Sea life styrofoam prints
    Third Grade: 
    COLOR: Watercolor color-mixing 
    LINE: Lines to a point, Drawings from a bag 
    SHAPE: Sunflower pastel drawings
    PORTRAITS: Self-portrait transfer prints, 1/2 face drawings
    TEXTURE/PATTERNS: Textured clay vases 
    VALUE: Oil pastel lions
    COMPOSITION: Fibonacci Golden Spiral dragon pen drawings
    SPACE/PERSPECTIVE:  Mt. Rainier styrofoam prints
    Fourth Grade: 
    COLOR:  Matisse collages, Animal collages
    LINE: Lines to a point, Drawings from a bag 
    SHAPE: Thiebaud pastel cakes, Compass Roses
    PORTRAITS:  Self-portrait transfer prints
    TEXTURE/PATTERNS:  N.W. Coast Marine Life crayon engravings, Clay mirrors
    VALUE: Value hearts
    COMPOSITION: Animal linocut prints, Jacob Lawrence collages
    SPACE/PERSPECTIVE:  Washington State watercolor landscapes