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 Implementation 2002-03


Grade Level Adoptions/Content Focus:

Grade Level

Content Focus

Core Adopted Materials




1.  The student understands and applies music knowledge and skills

A.  Understanding the elements of music including concepts of

·         Pitch

·         Rhythm

·         Expression (dynamics, style, tempo, phrasing)

·         Timbre

B. Understanding the principles of organization in music including concepts of

·         Notation

·       Form

·         Melody

·         Harmony 

C.      Developing music skills and techniques including

·         Listening/Ear training

·         Vocal/instrumental music skills

·         Reading music

·         Analyzing and interpreting music

·         Evaluating music

D.  Understanding and applying a variety of musical styles and genres from various cultures and historical time periods.

E.   Understanding and applying audience skills in a variety of settings and performances.

2.  The student demonstrates the ability to use artistic processes and thinking skills

 3.  The student communicates through music

 4.  The student makes connections between music and other arts disciplines, subject areas, lifelong choices, cultures, and work