Blakely students have access to the library for checking out materials during one regularly scheduled lesson each week, as permitted by the classroom teacher, for short periods before school and during  AM and PM recess on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


    Kindergarten:    one book
    1st Grade:    one book

    2nd Grade:   2 books

    3rd Grade:  3 books

    4th Grade:  4 books  
    • Our check out policy is flexible dependent on the needs and responsibility of individual students.
    • Students may keep items for two weeks; however, they are encouraged to return the books to the media center when they are finished and renew books as needed to finish.
    • Parent permission is required to check out some items of high value.



    We do not charge fines for overdue books, but at some point additional books may not be checked out until a long overdue book is returned.

    A fine for lost or damaged books will be charged to replace the book or another book of similar value.  The amount of the fine will be determined by the librarian based on the original purchase price, the replacement cost and/or the value of the book to the collection.  


                                                                   BOOK SELECTION

    It is our belief that students have the freedom to select books independently for check out.  Most young readers select a book by its cover, not its reading level. It is assumed that many of the books selected by our young students will be read TO them at home. Although we offer guidance and suggestions, it is not practical, or ethical, for the library staff to insist that any individual student limit their selections to certain books.  Please feel free to have your child return any book which you feel is not appropriate in level or content to the library the day following its check out.  Please contact Ms. Pool if you feel your child repeatedly selects books they do not enjoy at home.