• Tryouts will start Monday March 2 at the Stadium field 3:30-5:30 pm.

    Tuesday March 3rd: Players will be notified Monday by posting names on website about an hour after practice on which time to attend
    3:30 - 5:00 Varsity/Varsity bubble players tryout for Varsity team selection
                        (Varsity team will be posted after practice)

    Lucas Biggs
    Michael Birkhead
    Tobias Bregar
    Mark Bruyere
    Thomas Defawe
    Otis Deweese
    Xander Divelbess
    Aiden Fitzgerald
    Wyatt Friedmann
    Henry Furner
    Thomas Kratzer
    Samuel Kuznetsov
    Ayver Libes
    Alvaro Lopez
    Damoni McKenna-Greenawalt
    Jack Mielke
    Quinn Millerd
    Calvin Moe
    Samuel Olliffe
    Aidan Parrish
    Nick Pecora
    Cedar Price
    Jack Reilly
    John Roman
    Espen Ruud
    Dustin Scott
    Alexander Taylor
    Tate Werlin
    Lasse Wernke
    Ben-Martin Wilkinson

    5:00 - 6:30 All others

    Wednesday March 4th: 

    3:30 - 5:00 All non Varsity players tryout for JV and ; JV team selection
                       (JV team will be posted after practice; possible c-team selection)

    5:00-6:30 varsity practice

    Thursday March 5th: 

    3:30 - 5:15 Varsity and JV practice
    5:15 - 6:45 All others for c-team selection

    Friday March 6th: 

    3:30 - 5:15 Varsity practice
    3:30 - 4:45 JV practice
    5:00 - 6:30 c-team practice


    To be eligible to participate in tryouts in 2020:
    • Players must have completed online registration.
    • Players must have current (within 24 months) physicals and base line concussion tests on file with Sarah Bullock
    • If you have any questions regarding registration, baselines, or physicals - Contact Sarah Bullock  (206)780-1254
    Preparing for participating in tryouts: 
    • Players will be evaluated through individual skills activities, small sided games.
    • Goalkeepers will be evaluated by Goalkeeper Coach and within games.
    • If a player is injured, they must contact a coach asap.
    • Rosters will be posted online following tryouts.
    If you have any questions regarding tryouts, email: dkeller@bisd303.org