5th Grade Team Websites               6th Grade Team Websites
  1. Ms. de Guzman

  2. Ms. Atkinson
  3. Ms. Haas

  4. Mr. Moore
    Ms. Lockett
    Mr. Tsolomitis

    Ms. Miller
    Ms. Walter  
    Ms. Parker Mr. Kitley
    Mr. Lemieux Ms. Watson
      Ms. Smith 
    Ms. Mann  
    Ms. Palmer Ms. Evans
      Mr. Starrs         
    Ms. Speerstra Mr. Harris 
    Ms. Vroom Ms. Barrett

A NOTE ABOUT MOODLE: Some of our teachers are using Moodle to create their Web sites as well as our Web content management system.  Moodle is a way for our teachers to create an online course that allows for some student interactivity.  There is a great difference in how much interactivity teachers have planned for their Moodle. Some teachers may ask you to create an account in Moodle and enroll in their course as a parent so that they can communicate with you via Moodle, others may not. Check with your child's teacher to see if they would like for you to enroll.