• Ms. Teresa Ball:
     I grew up on Bainbridge Island, and am a former Blakely student myself. A little known fact about me is that I designed the first ever Blakely Elementary School t-shirt. I’m sure that bringing this in to share at my interview is what tipped the scales for my hire. I come from a long line of passionate educators, and was probably destined to teach from birth. Being rather defiant in my teen years, I resisted this urge, determined to not follow in my mother’s footsteps.
    I started my education at the University of Washington. After my first year, I decided to take a year off as I was still unsure of what I wanted to do. I moved back to Bainbridge, and got a job at a local preschool. From that point on, I had to admit that my mother had indeed been right again. I loved teaching! I decided to transfer to Western Washington University. There, I got my BA in Elementary Education with a minor in Art Education. Two years later, I completed my MA Ed in Early Childhood /Special Education. I have now been teaching for 27 years, which, when I say it out loud, makes me feel old. When you meet me, you’ll see I’m still full of youthful enthusiasm!
    I’ve taught Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade. For the last twenty years, I’ve been teaching 2nd Grade, and must admit that it is my favorite! I live on the Island, with my wonderful husband Geoff, and our five (yes, you read that right!) children: Sinclair, Carsen, Cooper, Colin, and Sadie. All of them are Blakely Alumni. In my hours of spare time (read sarcasm here), I enjoy cooking and traveling. I absolutely love teaching. The children make me smile every day. I feel very lucky to be teaching at Blakely, and working with so many wonderful children and families.