• Welcome to Algebra 2
    Algebra 2 Syllabus and Course Outline ~  please read, you will find valuable information in the syllabus.Holt Algebra 2 Book
    A typical class day begins with a warm-up on the interactive board for students to complete while I check homework for effort and completion.  The homework score does not reflect accuracy or understanding. A student who attempts every problem will earn full points (10 points per assignment).  When students have completed the warm up we solve the problems together taking the time to reteach if necessary and check for full understanding.  Students are always encouraged to ask questions.  After the warm up we have a new lesson - EVERY DAY.  Attendance is the first key to success!  At the conclusion of the lesson students will use the remaining time to work on their new assignment or take a scheduled quiz or test. Notes from the day's lesson, as well as practice problems, step by step tutorials, and video lessons are provided in the online resources for our textbook. **Assignments and Notes are posted on the day in which we do them in class.  The assignment is always due the NEXT time class meets.

    Want to purchase your own hard copy of the text book?  The 13-digit ISBN is 978-054764707-4 for the Holt/ML Algebra 2 (Common Core) student edition published in 2012.  
    Welcome to the New School Year and Algebra 2
    I look forward to meeting you, working hard, learning much, and having fun in math this school year.

    You can set yourself up for success by spending some time reviewing during the summer or the few weeks prior to school beginning. I do believe in having a break and enjoying the summer, I also believe in coming to school prepared. Here are a few suggestions for preparation: You can purchase the Summer Skills Sharpener for Algebra 1 which can be found at this link: http://www.summerskills.com/products.htm.  Get the Algebra 1 book. It is a great review/prep for Alg 2. In addition, be sure you come prepared with solid basic skills like adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers, FRACTIONS, and decimals. You must be able to compute without a calculator. Good websites for practice are: http://www.math.com/students/practice.html and https://www.coolmath.com/prealgebra. Have some fun sharpening your skills!

    Supplies for the school year:
    Math Binder- my preference for you is a spiral notebook with a pocket for loose papers.
    Pencils aplenty - we only use pencils.
    Community Supplies - Please bring whatever you and your family might be able to share... a box of #2 pencils, tissue, ream of colored paper.
    Basic Calculator (non-graphing) optional - spend no more than $3
    Graphing Calculator TI-83 is good if you already own one or a TI-84 Plus if you are purchasing one for the first time - must have!  The library has a limited number for checkout if you cannot get your own for the year.
    Your Brain
    Your Positive Attitude
    Your willingness to make mistakes and learn
    Your Smile
    See you soon. ~ Mrs. Tsolomitis