• Ms. Pool                 Blakely Library Staff
    Kathleen Pool
    Teacher Librarian
    Ms. Pool has been an educator since 1982.  She began her career as a teacher and administrator at the University of Washington's Experimental Education Unit, then did a few years as a researcher and writer at the Washington Research Institute in Seattle.  When she moved to Bainbridge Island in 1994, she quickly made her way to Blakely Elementary and over the years has taught in every grade but 4th. It wasn't until Ms. Pool was half a century old that she figured out that her dream job would be as a school librarian.  After earning a credential at the Information School at the University of Washington, she's been hanging out in our library and smiling ever since.
    Tina Schager
    Library Paraeducator
    Tina Schager has been working with students at Blakely in the classrooms, the office, on the playground and in the library for over twenty years.  Mrs. Schager's own children are Blakely graduates and in fact, Mrs. Schager is a graduate of Bainbridge Island Schools herself!  Mrs. Schager can be found in the library on most mornings shelving and circulating and greeting students with her warm smile.