Student Support Center

  • What goes on in the SSC? 

    The Student Support Center is a place where students may go to catch up on work or make up tests and quizzes they may have missed. It might also serve as a space where a student may “regroup,” if he or she is having an emotional or behavioral challenge in the classroom. It could be the place where a student may use break or recess time to reflect on and process a poor decision that might have been made earlier. It sometimes functions as a computer overflow room, and serves to host our before and after school Homework Clubs.

    Is it supervised; and by whom? 

    The SSC is always supervised when it is open. Ms. Isaf spends more hours supervising it than any other person – every morning and all but Monday afternoons. the Principal and Assistant Principal rotate supervisory duties during lunch, recess and the early afternoon. If a student is in the SSC for disciplinary consequences, those will be assessed by the Principal or Assistant Principal.

    If my student was sent to the SSC, does it mean he or she was in trouble?  

    Not necessarily. It can be used as an alternate space for disciplinary reasons, but it is also used, as described above, as a quiet place to make up work and sometimes hold meetings. The best thing is to ask your student why they were there. If the answer doesn’t make sense, check with us. We keep track of every student who comes through!  At the same time, if your student was in the SSC for disciplinary consequences, and the consequences assessed are anything other than minor, you will hear directly from either your student or the Principal, Assistant Principal, or both.