• We are happy to announce, that due to purchases with technology levy dollars, there are now a number of online resources that are accessible from home for all BISD families. These resources include items such as:

    • World Book Online
    • NetTrekker (educator approved web sites sorted by grade and state standard)
    • Atomic Learning (approximately 35,000 short video tutorials on over 110 different software applications)
    • Bib4School (a tool to help students with the creation of bibliographies and citations that can be saved for later use)
    • CultureGrams (a compilation of articles designed to foster understanding and appreciation of the world's countries and peoples)

    There are a number of other resources listed as well, all of which have been paid for by technology levy dollars and are a great addition to other instructional support materials provided by the district.

    All of these sites require user names and passwords, so we have put together a password protected site that contains all of this information. The web site is at:


    Once you access the site you will be asked for an enrollment key. Stop by the main office , or e-mail Michelle Hope to get this key.

    Many of the sites have school specific logins, others have a district-wide generic login and a couple have a specific login for parents or remote users (parents). We encourage you to use the appropriate login for each site as it will allow us to track utilization of each site over the school year. This will help us determine if we are going to renew each resource for the following year.