• Vision

    We envision Odyssey as a valued 1-8 educational choice within the Bainbridge Island School District emphasizing a multi-age learning environment and high parent involvement.


    It is the mission of Odyssey to evoke and nurture a love of learning in children, which encompasses continuous learning, academic success, and the development of social skills needed for successful, caring and responsible community participation.

    Core Beliefs

    1. Every learner can be motivated and self-directed.

    2. Ever learner will benefit from learning "how to learn."

    3. Every learner is appreciated as an individual.

    4. Every learner is greatly assisted in learning by the active participation of his or her original teachers, the parents.

    5. Every learner benefits from interaction with people, young and old, who have different experiences, interests and strengths.

    6. Every learner can expand their sense of joy and curiosity as they learn.

    7. Every learner will benefit when our teachers are supported in planning the program and developing their skills and capabilities.

    For more information about Odyssey check out our on-line Parent Handbook.