• Why do students choose to attend Odyssey?

    We are a public school of choice. Families select our program because they prefer a small school, in a multiage setting, with high parent involvement.

    Does Odyssey charge tuition?

    No! We are a public school program of the Bainbridge Island School District.

    Can students attend Odyssey and still participate in extra curricular activities at other schools?

    Yes, we have students who participate in sports at Woodward, and Sakai, as well as a number of club activities at the island's other elementary schools.

    Do the school buses transport students to Commodore?

    Yes and no! Because of the new two-bell system, some Odyssey 1-6 students can be picked up on the Ordway bus route. Parents in out-lying areas are car-pooling to connect to the operating routes. Odyssey 7/8 is on the Woodward/BHS routes

    What type of student attends Odyssey?

    Our students and families select Odyssey because of the unique learning opportunities and strong teaching team. We welcome students of all abilities.

    After attending a small school, how does a student transition into a larger school community?

    We find our students are very successful transitioning into larger schools. Our graduates regularly tell us how well prepared they are for high school and college. Because our programs emphasize the self-directed learner, our students are capable learners in any setting. Our best testimony is in our graduates, who are now attending a broad range of schools from the Naval Academy, Notre Dame, Brown, Evergreen, Cornell to Seattle Community College, Arts Schools, and apprenticeships.

    What is the enrollment process?

    Please go to the enrollment tab on this webpage to get specific information about our program's enrollment and informational meetings.