• Science
     Our science program at Sonoji Sakai Intermediate School fosters the joy of science through the processes of inquiry, discovery, collaboration and communication. It also stimulates and encourages curiosity, persistence, and enthusiasm for lifelong learning while introducing the principles scientists share about the natural world. Technology and engineering are integrated throughout the year. . .
    This is a fancy way of saying that science class this year will be super fun and totally awesome!
    We will be exploring 4 overarching ideas this year . . .

    1) Full STEAM Ahead: This unit is an introduction to the Mindstorms EV3 robots. You will learn how to build and program a robot to complete exciting missions.

    2) An Introduction to Matter: Our class will study the properties of matter and the changes that matter undergo.

    3) An Introduction to Energy: You will get to study how energy has the ability or capacity to do work or to produce change.

    4) Interactions between Matter and Energy: 
    We will learn how to explain motion and the causes of changes in motion and how heating and cooling affect matter.
    Science Rocks!