Seizure Disorders


    Washington State Law requires that  schools be prepared for a life-threatening event on the day the student starts school. This law means that you must have health care provider orders completed, fill the prescription, and take all the supplies and paperwork to school before the first day the child attends.  These forms are required to be renewed on an annual basis at the beginning of each school year.  The following are required if your child has a seizure disorder.

    Current information about your child's seizures is important for the School Nurse so that an  Individualized Health Care Plan (IHCP) can be developed and shared with their teacher and staff  to better recognize your child's seizures, and respond appropriately.  Disaster preparedness (3 day emergency) for your child is also crucial, especially if anti-convulsants are normally only  taken at home. This health information will be shared with your child's teachers and school staff  who need to know. Staff are encouraged to follow the enclosed "General Guidelines for  Seizures" with medically approved differences reflected in an IHCP.