• Graduation Requirements

    Total credits needed for graduation = 24 credits


    1.0 credit = one course for one period for two semesters

    One semester = .5 credit 
    English - 4.0 credits

    2 semesters 9th grade English (Composition and Literature)

    2 semesters 10th grade English (World Literature)

    2 semesters American Literature

    2 semesters Senior Level English

    Mathematics - 3 credits

     3 full years of math

    COLLEGE PREP: 3 years beginning with Algebra

    Social Studies - 3 credits

    1 semester Civics

    2 semesters World History

    2 semesters American History

    1 semester AP Human Geography or Global Health

    Science - 2 credits

     Must be full year lab sciences COLLEGE PREP: most schools require chemistry, biology and/or physics

    Career Education 1 credit

    Can include a variety of classes including technology, business, jewelry, photography, work experience

    P.E. / Health - 2 credits

    1 semester must be Health

    Fine Arts- 1 credit

    Can include art, music, and theater

    Foreign Language None to graduate but for COLLEGE PREP: most schools require two years, some may want more.

    Electives Classes taken in required subject areas that exceed the BISD requirements are considered electives. Electives should be selected with both the student's interest and post high school plans in mind.