Independent Study
    Independent Study is based on contracts developed between the student and an advisor. Following Bainbridge District course requirements, students propose their course area or topic and develop activities to create a learning contract for meeting learning standards. In consultation with their advisor, they create assessment criteria for credit approval. Students define their work schedule and create their own learning structure. By being self-directed learners, they are building life-long skills. Students typically complete at least ninety hours for each .5 credit. 

    Students can select course study that meets specific graduation requirements or fulfills electives. Contracts can be for the established curriculum areas or inspired passions. The following are examples:

    • Core classes: History, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education
    • Electives: Psychology, Child Development, Botany, Horticulture, Digital Photography, Music
    • Online classes: We offer a catalog of Advanced Placement, core, elective and remedial online courses
    • Follow your interest: Drawing, Creative Writing, Horsemanship, Rowing, Computer Science, Aviation, Dance

    Mentor-based Contracts

    Students study under the guidance of a community-based mentor. The student's school advisor is responsible for evaluating all work and the mentor is asked to contribute an evaluation of student performance. Evaluation Forms are available from advisors.

    • Individual Music Studies (examples: piano, violin, musical composition, musical theory)
    • Individual Sports, Club Sports, Fitness through a personal trainer (BHS co-curricular sports and club sports not eligible for credit)
    • Drawing, painting, ceramics
    • Theater, dance, video production
    • World Language: all contract-based world language study must include a mentor who is fluent in writing and speaking the language

    Service Learning/Internships/Apprenticeship

    • Volunteer jobs with non-profit organizations
    • Internships with businesses for job experience
    • Apprentice with a crafts person


    Credit for job experience that is in partnership with the employer. A packet is available to review requirements. Student works 205 hours and completes several activities for each .5 credit.

    Correspondence Courses

    Accredited courses through distance learning schools

    Travel Study

    Participate in an organized program such as Young Life, Rotary, BOSIA, AFS or extended trips with family with a focus on cultural studies.