• Eagle Harbor High School
    EHHS Office:
     (206) 780-1646
    EHHS Attendance Line: 
    (206) 780-1660
    BHS Attendance Line:
      (206) 842-2918
    Tricia Corsetti, Principal
    Ryan Abshere, Counselor
    Mairead Shutt, Registrar
    Eagle Harbor High School provides an environment in which students can create and direct their academic program, while they explore their role and relevance in the wider community.
    Our program benefits a student who desires:  
    • More choices in academic schedules
    • Learning opportunities which reach beyond the classroom
    • Strong relationships with peers and staff
    • Student voice and choice in their education
    We are accepting applications.
    Piano created by COS students
    Public piano installed at T&C. Created by Art teacher Siri Miller and
    Odyssey and Eagle Harbor students.

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