College Entrance Exams- SAT and ACT 
    For the time being, College Entrance Exams have become OPTIONAL. What does Test-Optional really mean? To better understand see this video from a Cornell admissions representative.
    Students who are planning to apply to a 4-year university may be required to take the SAT or ACT. Most colleges will accept either the SAT or ACT (i.e. do not have a preference), but it is important for students to research each college's entrance requirements and admissions website carefully before registering. 
    *Some colleges and universities do not use SAT/ACT scores for admitting students. Please visit FairTest for an updated list. 
    It is important to note that when registering for the SAT or ACT, you may be asked to input Bainbridge High School's ACT/CEEB/SCHOOL CODE: 481580 BHS is not a testing site, so students should register well in advance to ensure a close testing location. 
    Students will need to create an account through College Board and/or ACT to sign up, access their score(s), and to send test scores electronically to colleges. 
    Register for the SAT through College Board
    Register for the ACT through ACT student
    Test Dates (For all major standardized tests)  
    The PSAT is a preliminary version of the SAT to help students prepare. A great score on the PSAT can also open doors to National Merit Scholarships and other awards in a student's 11th grade year. BHS hosts this test in October of every year.
    If your student is interested in practicing for the PSAT, please refer to College Board, Kaplan, and/or Khan Academy's resources and practice exams. 
    Understanding Your PSAT Score Report-  From Method Test Prep 
    Accommodations for PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP Testing
    Students with an IEP or Section 504 Plan who consistently use extended time or other accommodations for testing at Bainbridge High School may qualify to access these on the PSAT, SAT, ACT, or AP exam. There is an application process that can take up to three months (or longer) for testing companies to make a decision. Current documentation showing disability is required. Students must be approved by College Board and/or ACT in order to receive accommodations. 
    For College Board (PSAT, SAT, AP) inquires please visit Services for Students with Disabilities and FAQs. (Please also note the Accommodations Request Calendar for important dates and deadlines.)
    Questions? Contact Nicole Wescott, SSD Coordinator.  
    Test Prep
    Test Prep courses, tutors, and online resources that are available to aid your student in preparing for the ACT or SAT exams.  
    College Board currently offers free SAT prep through Khan Academy. Students can access this through their College Board account.
    Advanced Placement (AP) Exams
    Advanced Placement is a program of college-level courses offered at high schools. These courses can help students gain skills and study habits to be successful in college. A student may also earn college credit when they take an AP exam at the end of the course AND earn a score of at least three on a scale of one to five. Colleges and universities consider a score of three (3) an indicator of a students' ability to do successful college work. However, not all colleges and universities will accept an AP score for college credit. It is important to note individual college and university credit policies.
    **Advanced Placement Course Fee: There is a fee for AP Exam, determined by The College Board each year.  BHS has scholarship funds available to students to cover this fee as needed. Please refer to the Fee Waivers/Scholarship website for more information. Students enrolled in an AP class are required to take the Advanced Placement examination in May. 
    Questions? Please contact AP Testing Coordinator, Nicole Wescott, at nwescott@bisd303.org.  
    College Board prescribes the test dates and Bainbridge High School is not allowed to deviate from their schedule. 
    Students should arrive 10-15 minutes before their scheduled test time (i.e. arrive at 7:45 for an 8:00 AM start). For a list of what to bring, what not to bring, and test expectations please read through the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents and student tips carefully. 

    IMPORTANT:  In July, students will get their AP scores online. In order to access AP score(s), create an account at apscore.org. Students may already have an account if they've ever registered for the SAT or any other College Board program. Try signing in at apscore.org to verify. Students will receive an email from College Board letting them know how and when to access scores online.