Students are required to earn 24 credits, complete a High School & Beyond Plan, and meet state testing standards in order to graduate from Bainbridge High School. Below is a chart of course requirements and recommendations. Course and credit requirements represent minimum requirements, and most Bainbridge High School graduates exceed the number of credits required to obtain a high school diploma.  
                                                         Credits:   1 semester = 0.5 credit
    College Bound Recommendation
    English    4.0  4.0
    Math    3.0  4.0 (through Algebra 2)
    Science  3.0  3.0
    Social Studies  
    World Language  Not required to graduate*  2.0 - 4.0*
    Health/Fitness   2.0  2.0
    Fine Arts  1.0  1.0**
    Career Education  1.0  1.0
    General Electives  7.0  2.0 - 3.0
    Total     24  24
    Additional College Prep information.  
    *Most colleges require 2 years of one World Language; many recommend 3 to 4 years.
    -WA State Public Universities require math or math-based science in the senior year (unless student reaches Pre-Calculus or beyond as a junior)
     -College bound students should refer to the post high school options pages of the Registration and Course Selection Packet as well as specific college websites for admission requirements. 
    **University of California and California State University systems require a 1-2 semester sequence to satisfy their Fine Arts Requirement (example: Ceramics 1 and Ceramics 2).  The Fine Arts courses do not have to occur in the same school year.
    Additional Credit Information:
    -All BHS Science courses are lab-based and math-based.
    Additional Graduation Requirements
    • Complete High School and Beyond Plan-developed with Counselors over the course of your child's four years at BHS. It is completed online, using their Skyward username and password to login. Counselors will introduce this to students in their 9th grade year  myschooldata.wsipc.org
    • Pass State Tests or State-Approved Alternatives
    • WA State History- usually met by completing the course in 8th grade
    Find the Graduation in Washington Toolkit guide and all related materials online at: 
    State Graduation Requirements for Each Graduation Year
    For more information on state testing and state graduation requirements: