• The BISD Facilities Master Plan Summary

    The Facilities Master Plan represents a comprehensive, collaborative process that has taken place since 2004. It is a living document that is a decision-making tool, not the decision. It includes the physical facility assessments, how our facilities compare to standard educational program needs, and project costs of proposed basic needs through 2020. Facility needs span such things as the patchwork needed to correct leaking roofs, HVAC systems, and intercom and telephone systems, to modernization that would correct square footage and spaces needed to deliver educational programs.

    Through an extensive facilities audit several buildings in BISD have been identified as having exceeded their serviceable life. Looking at our community demographics and growth along with current and projected building needs, a 15 year Master Plan draft has been developed based on Key Elements of Model Programs unique to the age of students and Elementary School Model Program and Facility Assumptions.

    The document encompasses the district’s educational vision and goals and national educational trends. Its foundation came extensively from Vision 2010, the district’s strategic long-range plan (2000), the Capital Facilities Planning Committee work (2003-04), and the Community Symposium held October 2004.

    Facility upgrades recommended in the Facilities Master Plan that have been completed include:

    •  Replacement of the Bainbridge High School 200 Building - opened in January 2009
    • A Maintenance Facility - opened in the spring of 2010
    • Replacement of Wilkes Elementary School - currently in process; to open in the fall of 2012
    • Numerous smaller projects at all facilities, such as restroom upgrades at Ordway, a new Commons area at Commodore Options School, and lighting and surface upgrades to the walkway between Sakai Intermediate and Woodward Middle Schools.

    This completed work is rewarding and demonstrates the connection between facilities and learning. However, work remains with the most pressing challenges at Blakely Elementary School.

    If you are interested in reviewing the complete document, the Facilities Master Plan can be downloaded as a PDF. Please contact the Administrative Secretary in the Capital Projects Offices at 206-855-0547.