• Extra Credit Opportunities
     (Up to 50 points total during the semester)
    Community Service
    Should you choose to do community service,
    you can earn five extra credit points per hour, up to five hours. Forms are available from Ms. Leigh.
    (up to 25 pts)
    Prescription/OTC Medications 
    Bring in a note from your parent or guardian confirming that you have discussed the dangers of prescription medication and have properly disposed of any expired medications or medications that are not going to be used.
    (5 pts) 
    Nutritional Family Meal
    Plan a complete healthy meal for your family. Have one of your parents write a note describing the amount of effort that you put into preparing this meal. You have to prepare the meal and clean up after the meal. Attach the recipe for full credit with a parent signature. 
    (10 pts)
    Mammogram/Prostate Check
    Since your parents have spent a whole lifetime caring for you, it is your turn to care for them. Take a moment and ask your Mom and/or Dad if they are up to date with their wellness check, including a yearly mammogram and prostate check if they fit the age requirement. Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer are widespread in the United States, and must not be ignored. Have your Mom or Dad sign a note stating that you talked with them about getting an annual check-up. If they have not had a check-up, insist that they do it ASAP!
    (5 pts)
    Mole Mapping
    During your next physical, ask your physician to do a mole mapping of your body. This tool will be valuable in the future for tracking potential skin cancer. Have your parents and siblings get a mole mapping done, too!
    (5 pts)