Staff Profiles
    Tricia Corsetti, M.S. Principal:  Tricia holds a BA in Political Science from University of California, San Diego, and a MS in Environmental Education from Lesley University, and Residency Principal Certificate from WWU. She received an Earthwatch Teacher Fellowship Award, advises the Global Health Club for BHS/EHHS, taught AP Environmental Science, AP Human Geography, and UWHS Global Health 101. Trish enjoys being outdoors, playing sports, and supporting her grown children in college following their passions. 

    Liz Finin teaches Language Arts, Social Studies, World Languages and Project-Based Learning. She has a Master's in Teaching from Teachers' College, Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Russell Sage College. She began teaching twenty years ago in the Peace Corps, in Mauritania, West Africa. She has taught in New York City, Seattle, Bremerton and Bainbridge Island. She has worked with English Language Learners of all ages, K-adult, from every continent.

    Barry Hoonan teaches the fifth and sixth grade cluster. Winner of the 2004 Hoey Award as Outstanding Educator in English Language, he has taught at all levels of elementary for twenty-eight years. He earned his Master's in Education from Lesley College in Cambridge Massachusetts and his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Advertising and his teaching certificate from University of Washington.

    Christopher Kozina teaches social studies courses, PE and advises independent contracts. He holds a master’s degree in teaching from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland. He has completed course work through the National Outdoor Leadership School and coached lacrosse for ten years on Bainbridge. Chris has taught in the district for eleven years. He has sat on the District Review Committee for social studies. He has led outdoor education trips with middle school and high school students. He has mentored an afterschool club (role-playing games) for the past seven years.

    Paul Sullivan teaches 7/8th grade math, algebra1/2 and 3/4, honors geometry, geometry, as well as technology. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics, computer science and economics from the University of Puget Sound and is a graduate of Teachers College at Columbia University. Paul has taught for over 20 years on Bainbridge Island, in New York, Swaziland through the Peace Corps and Renton.
    Margretta Murnane, Odyssey Grade 1 & 2 Teacher- Began teaching in Seattle in 1998 at Latona Elementary, which became John Stanford International School. She was lucky enough to be part of the planning and formation committee of the school and taught there for 20+ years before moving to Bainbridge Island. She looped in k/1 at JSIS and now she gets to teach 1/2 multiage. She loves teaching the younger ages and seeing the incredible growth they make!
    Serena Zyskowski, Odyssey Grade 3 & 4 Teacher- Began teaching first grade in Spokane, WA before moving around the country to teach in a variety of grade levels and environments in Texas and California. She feels extremely fortunate to presently teach and learn in the Bainbridge Island School District and be part of the innovative, enthusiastic, and supportive Odyssey community.
    Siri Miller, Commodore Art Specialist - Grew up in the Washington, DC area and moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2004.  She lives in an old farmhouse with her husband and three children. She loves to spend time outdoors, hang out with their chickens, work in the garden, take trips to the beach, and make ART. She graduated from Macalester College in 1999, majoring in Studio Art and Arts Education. Over the years she has taught art classes in Minnesota, Virginia, and Washington State. She loves working at Commodore. The students' creativity is inspiring and the K-12 aspect keeps her on her toes!
    Susan Tolley, K-8 Music Teacher, Mosaic and Odyssey - She loves teaching music. This is her 7th year at Commodore, her 14th year teaching at BISD and her 35th year of teaching! She taught band and choir in Charleston, South Carolina before moving to Bainbridge Island. She is from a family of educators- her daughter and her daughter's new husband are music teachers, and her husband and her met through teaching. He taught biology and she was the high school band director. The entire school community came to their wedding. She loves living in the Pacific Northwest and feels fortunate to teach K-8 music to the amazing Odyssey and Mosaic students at Commodore.
    Todd Erler, Odyssey Grades 5 & 6 Teacher - This is his 24th year of teaching and his 14th year of teaching at Odyssey (I think). He has said this before, and he will say it again: this is the best job ever. When  he is not at school he enjoys playing music, acting at BPA and with The Edge improv group, foraging wild foods, and spending time in a tent in the middle of nowhere. He is lucky that his daughter, Sammie, is also at Odyssey in Jamie’s 3-4 class.
    V’Ann Wagner-Brent, Eagle Harbor ILC Teacher- This is her 33rd year of teaching and her second year at EHHS. She loves the way Eagle Harbor students are self-motivated and goal-oriented.  Besides working with students, she enjoys being outdoors, hiking and gardening in all weather. In addition to travel and her family, she loves her dog, a good book and chocolate.
    Jocelyn Jablonski, High Cap Teacher Odyssey/Mosaic Grade K to 4 - Jocelyn is excited to be working with the students in the Highly Capable program and as a Reading Interventionist this year. She has taught for 19 years with a variety of ages and programs. Her education includes a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Special Education from Indiana University. After graduating, she pursued a Graduate Degree in Literacy Instruction from the University of Colorado. Her husband’s job brought them to Washington and to beautiful Bainbridge Island. She has a son that graduated from Bainbridge High School and is a Sophomore at Oregon State University. They have an awesome cat, Luna, and had a wonderful dog, Pip. She loves spending time with family, reading, hiking, exercising, playing board games, traveling, and enjoying the outdoors. This will be a great year for everyone to collaborate, challenge, and connect around topics of interest.
    Dana Ashton, Mosaic Spanish Teacher & Academic Advisor -  Dana started teaching at age 16, when she was a camp counselor on a working horse, hay and cattle ranch in Eastern Washington.  She went on to teach piano, public school para/support positions, tutoring for college Spanish students, teaching 4th grade at a private, Catholic school in Colombia, tutoring in Chile, teaching Spanish and Science in public schools back in the States, and then worked with a group of parents to found the Madrona Waldorf School back in 2000, where she taught a variety of classes and subjects for many years.  She has enjoyed working two tours in the Commodore Building, from 1995 to 1999, and from 2015 to the present.  She loves the outdoors, wildlife, dogs, family life, travel, history, music, art, and Native American cultures.
    Anne Willhoit, Odyssey Grade 1 & 2 Teacher - Anne has always taught at the early elementary age and worked with kids in multi-age settings. She has a background in special education, has enjoyed working with older students in Drama, and found some surprising fun teaching adults in the education program at a university. She has a Master's in Montessori Education which aligns with her general philosophy of teaching that includes student choice, community building, individualization, kindling curiosity, and learning without boundaries. She thinks too much about baking, enjoys reading fiction, and loves going out and being in Bainbridge island’s beautiful nature.
    Specialist Staff 
    Ryan Abshere, School Counselor
    Kristin Hammer, Speech and Language Pathologist
    Laurie Seaborne-Borda, School Psychologist