• Hello!  While we can't welcome you back to our library, we have been hard at work this summer trying to help BHS teachers and administrators take care of your needs.  

    Look for the following things to happen this fall: 

    1. We are continuing to add and improve our Sora-Overdrive ebook and audiobook collection.   We were really impressed with how many of you found your way to our collection.  In fact, we circulated over 1000 books in 3 months!  See this help sheet for information about how to access. 

    2. But we also know that you like to read print books.  Please see this help sheet to learn how to put books on hold and get access to them. 

    3. We are continuing to support you and your Chromebooks by helping you with tech support or arranging for your Chromebook to be repaired.   You can reach out to me directly at kellison@bisd303.org or use the district's 'Tech Support' Form at www.bisd303.org/techsupport.  

    4. Speaking of Chromebook repairs, please talk to your parents about purchasing insurance for your Chromebook.  It is only $35.00 for the year and it takes care of accidental repairs and theft.  Check here for purchase -- https://gpo.worthavegroup.com/bisd303 

    5. Know that we are thinking about all of you as we start this school year!  Please reach out if you need help! 

    Kathy Ellison - kellison@bisd303.org