• BISD is collecting budget-related questions via this form. Answers to the questions will be added to the sections below.



  • Is there any possibility of accessing subsidies for new families with children in order to encourage them to move to Bainbridge and reduce their financial burden when buying real estate on the island?

  • Has BISD considered increasing enrollment from students who live off-island?

  • If you’ve known about declining enrollment and budget deficits for the past 18 years, why are you just now addressing the issue?

  • What are the reasons why students leave BISD?

  • Why the drop in enrollment?

Program & Infrastructure

  • Option B eliminates a centralized elementary school walkable to the downtown core. What does transportation look like in this scenario and as our community grows?

  • Will participants of option schools like Odyssey have access to bussing to their new school locations?

  • Have bus ridership levels remained static over the years or are less students using bus transportation each year and is there a breakdown based on school locations?

  • What would be the longest time duration of a bus ride for elementary school students if relocated from Ordway to either x̌alilc or Blakely?

  • I know that you are focused on economies of scale, and that makes sense to a point. However, how do you balance that with providing programs for kids who do not do well in larger environments?

Revenue-Generating Ideas

  • The laws that limit the amount we can levy no longer meet the needs of our community. What can we do to change that law?

  • I understand that some of the budgetary shortfall is due to a failure of the State to meet its obligations. What is the sources of those State obligations (statutes, McCleary decision, something else?) and how has the State failed to meet them?

  • Legislators could more fully fund areas such as special education, transportation, and other student supports.

  • Can you sell BISD-owned land/property to help close the budget gap?

  • Why is the conversation so focused on closing/consolidating facilities when cutting staffing is what will really needs to be done?

Special Education

  • Will budget cuts impact early screening for Dyslexia? If so, how?

  • Does the BISD have a legal obligation to serve all students with disabilities, regardless of the cost of services and regardless of budget cuts?

  • Will Learning Strategies and other special education programs change?

Staffing & Staff Support

  • Were the COVID consultants let go to save on costs?

  • There is a clear deadline for certificated staff to receive RIF notices, what about classified staff? Same deadline?

  • Will teacher staffing decisions be made on seniority or merit?

  • If you've known about declining enrollment and the budget deficit, why did staff receive raises?

  • When will staff know if cuts are being made to certificated teaching positions?


  • How did construction spending on major projects, including BHS, Blakely and x̌alilc, affect the current situation? How much of the general fund was used to covert cost overruns?

  • Are extracurricular or sports up for cuts?

  • What happened to the $1 million per school in Covid emergency funds?

  • Why isn't the District engaging parents, teachers, and students in a more participatory decision-making process to decide school closures?

  • Who sits on the District Budget Advisory Committee?