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    What career is right for me? | ASVAB Career Exploration Program

    Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a multipurpose skills assessment. Students may elect to take the ASVAB if they are:

    • Interested in serving in the Military after high school
    • Interested in career exploration based on a skills and interest assessment
    • To complete the ASVAB High School Graduation Pathway

    The exam is open to students in grades 10-12. Scores from Grades 11-12 are eligible for military entrance. The exam may be taken more than once, a student's most recent test score is utilized for military entrance. 

    Bainbridge High School hosts the ASVAB exam twice a year, typically in November and March. The exam is in two parts; the main testing day takes between 1.5hrs - 3hrs to complete and begins at 8:45a. Then a follow-up session is held approximately two weeks later, where students receive their scores and complete a career exploration activity and their career options and results are explained. 
    *ASVAB Scores are only released to the military if students elect to do so. The school does not release any score information to recruiters. Career exploration provides non-military career options as well as military career options. 
    The ASVAB is the aptitude assessment required for all military enlistment.
    ASVAB Career Exploration Program | ASVAB