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    Long-Range Strategic Facilities Planning Committee  


    A Strategic Long-Range Plan for building on success

    In collaboration with District Administrators, staff, students, and members of the community, the Capital Projects Department is launching two committees that will help guide the district on key emerging issues; ranging from sustainability, enrollment, infrastructure, continued fiscal responsibility, and potential explorations for strategic reorganization of district facilities and programs.  The Long-Range Planning Committee will work in parallel with the Sustainable Action Plan Committee to develop a framework built to align aspirations with operations through an implementation plan that sets a clear path for action.  The outcomes of both committees will have a direct impact on the updating of BISD design and construction standards for newly constructed buildings and large-scale remodels and renovations.  

    The Bainbridge Island School District has a firm commitment to high performance and the needs of the community.  Each committee will form a deep understanding of the District's mission statement and will conduct their work following the principles of each pillar outlined in the District Improvement Plan.

    Interested in being a part of the team?  See additional information pertaining to each committee and links to the membership applications below: 

    This committee will focus on five major areas throughout the school year:

    Goals and Vision creates alignment with BISD's core values and mission to center the work on clear priorities, sustaining accountability of goals throughout the planning process.

    Educational Programs summarizes and clearly outlines information on District educational programs that may require and/or benefit from modification of existing facilities within the 10-year time frame of the Long-Range Plan, including relevant aspects of Educational Specifications, Early Childhood Learning, PE and Athletics, STEM, Career Technical Education,
    Technology, Innovative or Alternative Programs, and Target Functional Design Capacities.

    Capacity and Enrollment looks at data related to future casting, which we analyze to plan for projections related to: Growth, Utilization, Boundaries, or Consolidation. The success of the district’s educational programs is in part fostered by the ability of each school to house the students, teachers, and spaces needed for effective teaching and learning. Planning for fluctuations in student enrollment is critical, as the state funding formula for education is allocated, and teachers afforded, based on the number of students anticipated each year.

    Facility Condition measures and quantifies issues in existing schools related to Health and Safety, Equity, Accessibility (ADA), Infrastructure, Life Expectancy, and Academic Suitability.  BISD’s educational and support facilities vary in age, condition, and level of educational adequacy.
    Information about the physical condition and functionality of existing district facilities provides a metric for evaluating this area of the District's needs.

    Integrated Sustainability and Operations outlines the major needs of the community and defines high-priority actions the District can take to have an increasingly positive impact on how it will continue to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs; further ensuring an equitable and fiscally responsible and impact.

    Sustainable Action Plan Committee 

    Sustainability Framework and Implementation Plan to mitigate and adapt to climate change

    Community Committee Membership Application Link

    This committee will be comprised of community partners, student activists, regional experts, and District leadership and will focus on the development of sustainability goals and priorities across a range of topic areas and help guide a broader community outreach process, meeting in parallel and feeding information back to the Steering Committee, thus informing the Long-Range plan. The resulting plan will supplement, complement, and tie back to the Long-Range StrategicFacilities Plan, identifying recommendations for policy, building and ground improvements, and operations that align with BISD’s selected pathway to institute climate action.  

    The District believes that the creation of a phased and actionable Sustainability Framework and Implementation Plan that provides guidance on how principles and objectives outlined can be implemented (over time) by the District to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change on Bainbridge Island is of high importance and extremely necessary.  In doing this work, the committee will strive to create alignment with COBI policies already in place, including the Island-wide Climate Action Plan (CAP) and  Sustainable Transportation Plan (STP)