CTE Pathways

  • Career and technical education (CTE) provides an important pathway to success for high school students and offers each student opportunities to personalize his or her education based on their career interests and unique learning needs. CTE courses and programs are designed to prepare students for careers in current or emerging professions. At the high school level, CTE provides students with opportunities to explore a career theme of interest while learning a set of technical and employability skills that integrate into or complement their academic studies.  Declaring CTE Graduation pathway concentrates a student's elective focus within a single CTE Program Area to better prepare that student for the transition to postsecondary education and career success.

    CTE connects with and leads to postsecondary programs of study or additional training after high school, which may include more specialized technical instruction. These pathways can culminate in postsecondary degrees or certificates, apprenticeships, or employment.

Pathways to Careers

    Graduation Pathways: Based on a student's career goals and post-secondary plan, they will select their pathway to satisfy the state's proficiency requirements. 

    Post-Secondary Pathways: Depending on a student's career goals, their post-secondary education pathway will lead to an apprenticeship, technical school, 2-year or 4-year college or university. 

    High School Educational Pathway: A student's post-secondary education influences a studnet's course distribution while in high school.