• Students' postsecondary (after high school) education pathway looks different for each student and is based on their high school and beyond plan, career goals, and education goals. Students should use career exploration to think about what types of education and training are required for different occupations. Students can Contact their Guidance Counselor or the Career Guidance Specialist, Ms. Swanson, in the BHS Career Center for assistance with navigating their postsecondary education/training options. 

4 Year College/ Universities

  • Students interested in careers that require a Bachelor's degree or Graduate degree should plan to attend a 4 year college/ university after graduation or a 2 year college and transfer to a 4 year college or university. Students will need to make sure they meet the course requirements for particular schools of interest as they select high school courses. College resources can be found below:

    College Planning

    College Resources

    Paying for College

2 Year/ Community Colleges


  • Apprenticeship offers a unique educational model with a blend of experiential learning and structured education, providing a 1:1 ratio of hands-on field experience with an industry expert and dedicated classroom learning. Lasting between 2 to 4+ years, these programs immerse apprentices in their chosen field, allowing them to directly apply their skills in real-industry settings under the mentorship of seasoned professionals. Apprenticeships are available in over 250 diverse occupations, ranging from cosmetology, healthcare, networking, and IT to construction careers like sheetmetal, carpentry, and electrical. 

    The average apprentice in WA State makes $94,900 per year upon completion of an apprenticeship program and 93% are employed 1 year after completion. Apprentice's are paid a percentage of journeyman's wages that progressively increases as they move through the program and they incur no student debt while recieving their training. Resources:

    Understanding Apprenticeships

    Becoming an Apprentice

    PSNS Apprenticeship Program


Trade and Technical Schools

  • Technical and Trade schools offer students the ability to study content and courses directly applicable to an occupation. They combine hands-on and theoretical learning to prepare students to enter the workforce trained and ready for a high-demand career. Technical schools can be public or private. Some are focused only on certain occupations while others provide a wide array of programs. Resources can be found here:

    WA Community and Technical Colleges 

    Private Trade Schools in WA



  • Students interested in pursuing a career in the military have several routes to explore, depending on if they are interested in becoming an officer or enlisting. Students interested in enlisting should take the ASVAB exam and can get help contacting a recruiter in the BHS Career Center. Students interested in becoming an officer can also explore the Military Academies as well as ROTC programs. 


    Careers in the Military 


    Military Academies 



Enter Workforce

  • Students who choose to go right to work after graduation can find employment resources here: