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    In the BHS Career Center we can help you with Career Exploration on your journey to discovering your dream job. Career Exploration helps you figure out what careers match your interests and what it takes to get there, whether that means college, vocational training, apprenticeships or something else. You can also learn about how much you might earn in different jobs, what the job market looks like, and what it's actually like to work in those fields. You will be able to learn what classes and opportunities at BHS will help you gain skills and experience as you continue on your journey.  So, whether you're dreaming of being a doctor, an artist, an electrician or anything else, career exploration can make the path to your future career a lot clearer and more exciting.

    Email Ms. Swanson, the Career Guidance Specialist, at lswanson@bisd303.org to book an appointment for one on one guided career exploration and help uncovering the high school and post-secondary pathways to different careers. 

    Please feel free to browse our additional resources that can aid in career exploration from home. As part of the High School and Beyong Plan, we utilize the Career Planner for Career Exploration. 

Career Exploration Resources

  •  A


    The ASVAB combines a skills assessment with career interests to discover opportunities you might be good at and enjoy.

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  •  O*NET Logo


    O*NET is a tool for career exploration and job analysis. Understand the rapidly changing world of work and how it affects the workforce and economy.

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  •  WorkSource WA

    WorkSource WA

    The Web site features thousands of job openings and a variety of career resources.

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  •  CareerOneStop


    CareerOneStop is the career exploration tool for WorkSource Washington. Learn about careers, find trainings and search for jobs

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High School and Beyond Plan: Career Planner

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    In partnership with WOIS and powered by their vetted data, Career Planner allows students to easily learn about themselves, explore careers, create goals, and make plans to reach their goal. The Career Planner is a comprehensive online tool designed to assist high school students in creating and implementing their High School and Beyond Plan, as well as facilitating broader career exploration. It offers a user-friendly platform where students can set and track their academic and career goals, explore various career pathways and colleges, trade programs, assess their skills and interests, and offers in-depth insights into career options, job market data, and educational pathways to help students make well-informed decisions about their future, making it an invaluable resource for both high school planning and broader career exploration.

    Watch this short video about the Career Planner. 

    To access the program, either follow this link, or navigate to the Career Planner icon Career Planner Icon in the Google application menu when logged into the Chrome browser.