• Most the time I would say that I am an optimist. I have a sense of humor and tend to lean heavily on it during difficult times. I like adventure, being active and delight in good conversation. I like to set goals, and I do what I can to enjoy the journey.
    I have a diverse employment history. Often I have worked two or more jobs at a time.  I spent many years in the food and beverage industry and in human health services.  I am an avid volunteer and have had the honor to work as a Hospice-respite-aide as well as a coach and assist various non-profit groups. I feel that all my work experiences have prepared me to become a teacher.
    I am a mother, step-mother, wife and grandma.  I have four grown children and three grandchildren.  Parenting is work.  I have learned much from parenting, especially building relationships with my step children, while maintaining my relationships with my biological children.
    When I am not at school or working on school stuff, I am goofing off.  I like to take mini road trips filled with outdoor activities.  There is nothing better than the smell of camp fire clothes, aching legs and the cool ocean surf.
    Hope this gives you a little insight about me and I look forward to meeting you.