Analyzing the Modern World

Jabal al-Qal'a, the old citadel of Amman, Jordan
  • Welcome to Analyzing the Modern World!

    This required 9th grade course examines a non-Western region of the world and how it has been impacted by interaction with the West.  The Middle East is the current case study for the course.

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    General outline:

    • An introduction to the geography, religion and culture of the Middle East
    • The First World War in the Middle East
      • European Ambitions and Imperialism
      • The Arab Revolt and Lawrence of Arabia
    • The Future of Democracy in Turkey
      • The collapse of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey in the 20th century
      • Nationalism and reform: Turkey modernizes itself
      • Simulation of Turkish Parliamentary elections
    • Afghanistan
      • History of foreign involvement in Central Asia
      • Model UN-style debate on the future of Afghanistan