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    Week at a Glance (WAAG)



    Welcome to Algebra 2! 


    This is going to be an exciting year. Here is some advice to help you be successful in your Alg 2 journey.


    Make sure to do the homework before the next class.  You don't want to get behind.  

    Come see me before or after school if you don't understand.  Don't wait for the day of the test to do this-you will need time to process the info!

    Participate - math is more fun that way!

    Try not to miss class, and if you do miss, make sure to view the pdf of the lesson.  It is not as good as being there, but you can fill in the blanks at the next class!


     I am looking forward to getting to know you and helping you on this journey.  See you soon !


    Debbie Baker