Mr. Simon Pollack

    Social Studies

    Phone: 206-855-0481
    Room: 334 
    Subjects: American Studies, US History
    Grand Canyon  
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    Parents wanna contact me?
    Email is the best bet.
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    See me in class.
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    I may respond to email but you may want to contact a classmate to ask a question.
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    What should you have for class every day?
    Writing utensil, an organized way to keep handouts and take notes, homework readings and materials, completed homework (due at the beginning of class), a charged computer.

    Please note that homework appears on Google Classroom. If you are a guardian or advisor and would like me to sign you up to receive notifications and access to assignments and posts, please email me and I will add you. 

    To see the Class Title and Class Code for your period, navigate to the American Studies page or the US History page.