Welcome to the New School Year and Algebra 1
    I look forward to meeting you, working hard, learning together, and having fun in math this school year. 
  • First Days of School ~ 
    Please be prepared to exercise your brain and engage in the learning to the best of your ability. I commit to doing my best to facilitate your math learning, to connecting with you so we can enjoy getting to know one another while we learn, and to helping you practice and develop the skills you will need to be successful in learning and life.  
  • Links to:

    Course Syllabus and Outline

    Your online textbook enVision

    Google Classroom - find your class invite link ->

    I am struggling - please help!  Study Tips ~ Test Tips

    Please be SURE you pick the right class.
    Pay attention to the class period designation.
    This will be your GO TO place for all assignments, lessons, assignments, and math fun this school year.  You will likely not need this website except for additional resources and notes. Our communication will be done via Google Classroom!

    Let the fun begin!



  • Google Class Codes

    Period 1 - Alg 1 Google Class Code:  slgbss2
                     Invite Link


    Online Textbook ISBN Numbers:

    ISBN-13: 978-0-328-93154-5

    ISBN-10:   0-328-93154-3


  • Summer Preparations for the School year:
    Optional workbook to purchase and complete to sharpen your math skills prior to entering Algebra 1: https://www.summerskills.com/product/summer-math-skills-sharpener-algebra-1/
    For those who have completed Algebra 1 going on to Geometry: https://www.summerskills.com/product/summer-math-skills-sharpener-algebra-1/  and/or see the summer packet option on this BHS page:  https://www.bisd303.org/Domain/644  
    Supplies for the school year:
    Your BISD Chromebook or similar device with earbuds or headset
    Space at home for completing assignments  - hard surface - table and chair - quiet, distraction free
    Notebook/Paper for note taking, problem solving, and assignments 
    Pencils and a colored pen for your corrections
    Basic Calculator (non-graphing) optional - spend no more than $3
    Graphing Calculator TI-83 is good if you already own one or a TI-84 Plus/CE if you are purchasing one for the first time ( you can check one out from library, 1st come 1st served)
    Small backpack to carry chromebook and notebook and store at the back of the room during class time
    Your Capable Brain 
    Your Positive Attitude
    Your willingness to make mistakes and learn
    Your patience with yourself and for me and your classmates - we'll likely have some rough spots - and that's ok - we will just be kind.
    Your Smile
    See you soon. ~ Mrs. Tsolomitis