•  mepic
    I live on Bainbridge Island with family and an assortment of horses, sheep, goats, cats, and dogs. I have taught for 25+ years on Bainbridge Island and more than 30 years of teaching total, including everything from 2nd to 9th grade.
    6th Graders are the greatest people: energy, ability, ambition, creativity, curiosity, imagination. I strive to create a collaborative environment of science learners who over the course of the year increase their independence, go for their goals, and achieve their ambitions. 
    I studied physics and math at SUNY Binghamton and switched to a Community Studies degree at UCSC (Go Banana Slugs!) My teacher training was at UCSC followed by a master's degree in Education and Technology Integration from Harvard's Ed. school.
    My extracurricular activities include poetry, pickleball, tennis, scrabble, chess, music (playing and listening), and fixing fences, gates, building decks, etc.
    I look forward to working with all of you to ensure a highly successful year in 6th grade.