• Transportation Information 2021 Winter Season

    In the event that you choose not to have your student athlete ride the bus to an away competition, or in the event that a bus may not be available for an away competition, and you are driving your own vehicle to the event, please follow these guidelines:

    - We encourage avoiding carpooling and not sharing a vehicle with members outside your own household.

    - If sharing a vehicle with someone outside your household, try to make it someone within your student athlete's workout cohort, wear masks, keep windows down to increase ventilation, and maximize your distance in seating arrangements within the vehicle.

    - At the venue, adults should stay in their vehicle.  There are no spectators allowed at these events.

    - No students are allowed to transport other students.

    If you are driving players other than your own child, you need to fill out and turn in the Driver Permission Form


    If you are allowing your student athlete to ride with someone outside of your householdyou must complete and sign this permission form.   Please return the completed forms to Sbullock@bisd303.org


    Please note: while transporting in a privately-owned vehicles, the driver/owner is solely responsible for their insurance coverage and their passengers' well-being.

    Go Spartans!