Students wait to get into school

BISD Mission Statement

  • As a community, we collectively commit to honoring and nurturing the unique skills, talents and passions of every student. We provide a welcoming and respectful environment where students flourish and forge a life-long love of learning through relevant, engaging learning experiences. We empower our students to find purpose and contribute to a more just and equitable world.

    We believe...

    in every child;
    everyone has the potential and the right to lead a meaningful and productive life;
    all students can learn at high levels when provided with engaging learning opportunities that both support and challenge them;
    social and emotional health is as important as academic performance;
    diversity is essential to a vibrant community;
    strong, supportive relationships are the foundation of all that we do;
    empathy and critical thinking skills are essential for citizenship in a diverse and connected world;
    in becoming an anti-racist, inclusive organization that eliminates educational disparities and challenges traditional practices and norms;
    our families and community are our partners in the success of each child.