• My passion is teaching! I love to teach math because so many are either afraid or think they "can't do math", and it is my hope to change those beliefs. Anyone can be a math person! If you are a person, and you can do some math, then you are a math person!

    My family is what keeps me going each and every day. We are a true team working together to support one another to accomplish our goals. We love the outdoors, playing games, and spending time with our Boston Terrier.

    This will be my 22nd year teaching at Woodward Middle School...WOW!!! I love teaching middle school along the sides of my colleagues. WMS is a special place! I choose to teach here because every educator in this school is dedicated to the social and emotional well-being of our staff, students, and community.

    Picture of Kozinas Surfing

    Picture of Mrs. Kozina, her son and dog