• My passion is teaching! I love to teach math because so many are either afraid or think they "can't do math", and it is my hope to change those beliefs. Anyone can be a math person! If you are a person, and you can do some math, then you are a math person!

    My family is what keeps me going each and every day. We are a true team working together to support one another to accomplish our goals. We love the outdoors, playing games, and have recently added a puppy into our family.

    This will be my 20th year teaching at Woodward Middle School...WOW!!! I love teaching middle school along the sides of my colleagues. WMS is a special place! I choose to teach here because every educator in this school is dedicated to the social and emotional well-being of our staff, students, and community.

    Picture of Kozinas Surfing

    Picture of Mrs. Kozina, her son and dog