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       * All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.   A fitness log will be provided weekly and turned in on Google classroom.   Please turn in your fitness log on Mondays by 4:00 p.m. Remember 5 hours a week.    This is an activity class. In order to earn full credit for the week 50/50 points, you need to be physically active for a minimum of 5 hours per week. Monday through Monday I will close the week at 4:00 p.m. on Mondayś. Please use one of the following fitness apps or choose another app. You need to be able to share your work via google classroom. I am including a form where you can share your workout info. Make sure it includes times, dates, duration to verify your work.

               Fitness Log:           



              Resources Required:

    • This is an activity class, so students will be required to be active for at least 5 hours each week*.  It is preferred students use one of the following fitness apps: 


      Fitbit:  Blaze, Alta, Flex, Flex 2, Charge, Charge HR, Charge 2, Force, One, Surge, Ultra, Zip

      Garmin Connect:  VivoActive, Vivofit, Vivoki, VivoSmart


      Misfit Wearables:  Flash, Shine

      YOO:  YOO RX

      Apple Health + Apple Watch 

      Google Fit + Andriod Wear

      Google Classroom Code

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