Analyzing the Modern World

Jabal al-Qal'a, the old citadel of Amman, Jordan
  • Welcome to Analyzing the Modern World!

    This required 9th grade course examines a non-Western region of the world and how it has been impacted by interaction with the West.  The Middle East is the current case study for the course.

    Our units of study have been adapted for distance learning, but will include:

    • An introduction to the geography and culture of the Middle East
    • An overview of the region in the 20th century, particularly
      • The the impact of US and European involvement in the region
      • The development of new nations and identities
    • Structured debates on current issues facing the region, including
      • The future of the US role in the region
      • The Syrian Civil War
      • Democracy in Turkey
      • The Israeli Palestinian Conflict
      • The possibility of an independent Kurdistan

    Grading Information:

    Skyward's gradebook is the official record for this class.  For more information on assignment gradig standards, see the course syllabus.