•  Syllabus                                  PER 1 (Online)  Google Classroom code:  5zhosig

                                                           PER 4 A2 (AM)  Google Classroom code:  e5jdblh

                                                                          B2 (PM)  Google Classroom code:  4whzygj

                                                           PER 6 A3 (AM)  Google Classroom code:  igyw3pb

                                                                          B3 (PM)  Google Classroom code:  im5mw6p


    Welcome to Precalc! 

    This is going to be an exciting year and I am really looking forward to being your teacher.  I have taught this course for many years (30!!) but never like this.  I will miss seeing you in person and look forward to the day where we will all meet in the classroom.  Until then, here is some advice:

    1.  Start the lesson at the beginning of the period.  You will be on your own for the first part of class and the assignment will be given in Google Classroom.  I will prepare lesson slides and will screencastify them.  There will be times when I ask you to pause the video and try a problem.  You will actually turn these in with your homework.  It will be nice for you to be able to work at your own speed.  At the end, you will take a very short quiz, usually 1-3 problems.  You should have plenty of time to finish all of this if you start at the beginning of the period.


    2.  During the second part of class, we will get together via Zoom.  I want to check in with you then and clear up any questions.  You will frequently get into groups and try a few problems together.  Don't be late to these meetings-they will be fun and informative!


    3.  Make sure to do the homework before the next class.  You will have a lot of resources here.  The book gives the answers to all of the odd problems.  I will direct you to a website where you can see these  problems worked out.  Some of the problems are even linked to a video so that you can WATCH them worked out. When this is not enough, you can chat with an online tutor for live help on odd problems!  If you still are having trouble, drop in to my office hour zoom and we can go over it together.  I want you to be successful.  So, don't just copy down the solutions.  We all know how that ends 😣


    4.  Finally, try to find a quiet place to do your work and to zoom.  Let me know if this is difficult and we can brainstorm some ideas.  


    Debbie Baker