• Aviation Club

    Advisor:  Aimee Mroz 

    Meetings:  Every other Friday at 3:30 PM, 100 Bldg. Rm. 103.  Next meeting is Friday 12/16/22.

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    Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly? Well, you have landed on the right page. Send Mrs. Mroz, amroz@bisd303.org, an email if you are interested in joining.

    Working through basic ground school applications and flight simulation, club members will be able to get a feel for what it takes to be a pilot under Federal Aviation Regulations.  Our club members practice on an X Flight simulator for preflight, take-offs and landings in a simulated Cessna 172 training aircraft. During club meetings, students share their aviation experiences beyond the club, including local area airports such as Bremerton and Auburn, online / in-person ground schools, drone certification, RC aircraft, model airplanes, personal experience of the free EAA introductory flight, as well as the youth mentorship program at the Port Townsend Aero Museum.

    We have students just getting started with their aerospace exploration, and students who have already started and are willing to share how they got there and where they are headed. This year we also hope to capitalize on the wealth of aviation experience in our community from the over 100 registered airmen on our island. Students will benefit from hearing about how others realized their aviation dreams. 

    Aviation Club Officers 2022-23
    President: Grady Nordstrom
    VP: Reed Grandt
    Secretary: Adam Broga
    Treasurer: Zephyr Kochenash 

    Parent Volunteer: Todd Staniewicz, Commercial Pilot