• Semester 2 Remote Learning Agenda:

    In the morning block:

    Zoom (50 minutes)

    • announcements
    • lesson & discussion
    • review materials for assignments in Google Classroom

    In the afternoon block:

    • Independent Reading
    • work on weekly assignments in Google Classroom
    • Zoom support (50 minutes)

  • Fridays:

    Opportunities to connect with me during my office hours (see syllabus for details)

    Independent work in Google Classroom

  • Zoom

    Q: Where will I find the class links?

    A: Google Classroom --> Classwork --> Class Resources --> Class Zoom Link


    Q: When should I join my class Zoom in a regular school week?

    A: P.1 M/W @ 8:20 am

         P.3 M/W @  10:10 am

         P.4 T/Th @  8:20 am

         P.5 T/Th @  9:15 am


    Q: When should I join my class Zoom for help with assignments? 

    A: P.1 M/W @ 12:55 pm

         P.3 M/W @  2:45 pm

         P.4 T/Th @  12:55 pm

         P.5 T/Th @  1:50 pm


    Q: What should I do before joining the class Zoom meeting?

    A: Review the notes posted for the week in Google Classroom -- jot down your thougths & questions