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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    about MOSAIC K-8 Home Education Partnership

  •  Is MOSAIC K-8 a part of the Bainbridge Island School District (BISD)?

    Yes, MOSAIC K-8 is a specific education model of BISD, housed at Commodore Options.  MOSAIC’s teaching staff are certificated and are considered a General Education Teacher or Specialist Teacher. MOSAIC K-8 adheres to BISD’s calendar and all guidelines. 

    When enrolled in MOSAIC, is my child still enrolled in the Bainbridge Island School District?

    Yes, your child is enrolled in the Bainbridge Island School District and generates monies for the District, just as he/she would if enrolled in a neighborhood school. 

    Does MOSAIC provide materials and curriculum for students?

    Yes, MOSAIC does provide curriculum and materials that support the academic goals on the student’s Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP). Academic Advisors recommend BISD supported materials to be used. In addition, there is a wealth of supplemental materials available in the Resource Center.  Families will also have access to BISD online resources.  

    What does Alternative Learning Experience mean for me as a parent?

     Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) is a designation by the state of Washington describing “public education where all or some of the instruction is delivered outside the regular classroom.”

    When parents choose this option, they:

    • are forming a partnership with BISD
    • are assuming the role of primary instructor of the child’s home learning 
    • are able to choose curriculum/materials to support learning
    • are agreeing to work with an Academic Advisor to develop a Written Student Learning Plan (academic goals) in early September and to meet monthly for academic review and preview. For the start of the 2020-2021 school year and until further notice, all parent and Academic Advisor meetings will be conducted via Zoom. 

    Are there different enrollment options available?

    There are two enrollment options: 

    • ALE enrollment which is explained in the answers to questions 4 and 6.
    • BEL enrollment is reserved ONLY for  Bainbridge Island families who have demonstrated a history of successful home learning.  Parents are autonomous and are solely responsible for their child’s home learning.  BEL students participate in all classes, workshops, field trips and assessments.

     (For the 2020-21 academic year we are asking all families to be 100% ALE, until we are able to offer on campus enrichment classes. Schedule TBD based on staffing and hybrid model. Mosaic teachers will offer enrichment activities online for all to access as an option during continuous learning. ) 

    Do MOSAIC students attend enrichment  classes via Zoom?  How are students grouped?

    MOSAIC staff may offer enrichment classes via Zoom (e.g. Spanish, Science, Literature, Art, Music, Sign Language) on Tuesday/Thursday.  Most students attend these digital classes giving teaching staff opportunities to observe academic and emotional/social growth.  If a student does not participate in weekly classes, that student must meet individually with an academic advisor weekly for approximately 15-30 minutes to review academic work completed over the course of the week, as mandated by ALE.   

    Taking into consideration academic and social/emotional needs, students are grouped by grade bands (K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6,7,8) for classes whether digital and/or on campus.  There are many opportunities for all students to interact via Zoom..  

    How do students participate in enrichment classes during distance learning?

    MOSAIC staff may  provide meaningful enrichment classes through Zoom, Screencastify, Seesaw, and Google Classroom. Families will be given the access information for each platform in the Fall.  Any student who is in need of either a Chromebook or iPad will be given one to use during the year. 

    Are there additional services available to my student enrolled in MOSAIC?

    Yes, students may receive:

    • Special Education Services: academic, speech, OT, PT through evaluation and IEP process
    • Title 1 for reading
    • Highly Capable
    • Free and Reduced Lunch

    Do MOSAIC students take standardized assessments?

    Yes, MOSAIC students have the opportunity to take all district and state assessments:

    • WAKIDS for Kindergarten
    • Highly Capable assessment 
    • FastBridge 
    • Smarter Balanced SBA
    • Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS) grades 5 & 8 

    How do parents communicate to Staff and to other parents?

    All parents are highly encouraged to sign up in Skyward to be informed about district and school information. Additionally, MOSAIC has an informal Google Group that is used by  parents and staff to communicate information regarding MOSAIC.  Enrollment in this Google Group occurs in September. 

    Each Fall, many “experienced MOSAIC parents” extend invitations to new parents to chat---there will be a sign up for this to happen. Staff members may be reached through their email addresses. 

    How can a parent get involved in MOSAIC?

    Under typical circumstances, MOSAIC K-8 does have opportunities for parent involvement through volunteering, but with distance learning those opportunities are non-existent. MOSAIC does have a Steering Committee/PTO which meets monthly. All parents are welcome to join----days and times for zoom meetings will be announced.

    How is attendance tracked?

    Weekly participation in enrichment classes or a weekly advisor meeting with your teacher satisfies “attendance”. ALE (Alternative Learning Experience) laws require weekly contact and communication with a certified teacher and a monthly progress review of academic learning targets. Mosaic is designed to support families who choose to be their child’s primary educator and to provide feedback, resources, and evaluation of progress.