Questions about fall

General Questions Regarding 2020-21 Plans


    Updated Nov. 9, 2020

  • How can my student access online learning when our home internet is spotty or non-existent?

  • Do you have any tips on setting up my student's home work space in order to be most successful?

  • Does learning models (Hybrid and 100% Online) offer the same course selections?

  • If a family chooses the hybrid model and then would like to switch to the 100% Option because COVID/flu risks increase, is this a possibility?

  • Will a normal school schedule resume if the threat of COVID decreases?

  • What are BISD's parameters for closing schools again? Do you follow OSPI guidance only or are there plans for Bainbridge schools specifically?

  • Did you consider delaying classroom instruction until a vaccine becomes available?

  • As a precaution, will students and staff be frequently tested for COVID?

  • What happens if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19?

  • How will families be asked to report positive COVID-19 tests? Example, if a parent is in contact with someone who ends up testing positive, does the school need to be notified?

  • In the in-person Hybrid Model, why did BISD decide on four half-days rather than alternating two full days/week like other districts have selected?

  • Please explain the differences between the terms Distance Learning, Continuous Learning 2.0 and 100% Online Home Learning & Continuous Learning.

  • Will grading practices return to how they were prior to COVID? Is it the same for both learning options?

  • My kids both have 504 plans and need access to counselors and check ins with general ed teachers but in person is not an option. How will they be served in the 100% online option? Will my students be assigned a case manager?

  • How will you account for the increase in traffic to/from schools?

  • What advice do you have for working families who rely on the schools to care for children while parents are at work?

  • What options are there for preschool students?