• March 25

    Hello Everyone!  

    I am so happy to be able to connect with you.  I am learning new apps so that we can connect to each other. My Chromebook had a few challenges which did not let me communicate well with anyone, but hope that I can learn to work around those issues as I learn different platforms.  

    As of now, I think it is best if I share any articulation, language and/ or fluency information using this webpage since it offers the best platform to connect with many people at one time.  However, please email me directly (lblacker@bisd303.org) if you need to ask me anything.  

    It's been a few weeks that we have not seen each other.  I am learning several apps that have been approved through the district so I can send a few Communication activities for you to do a few times a week.  These activities are only general ideas for you to try at home-- you do not need to report back to me if you do or do not have a chance to work on any of these activities.  


    Use this link to go to this weeks speech and language therapy tips: 



    As of now, I will add a new page every Monday to update you with any new speech and/ or language activities.  

    Stay healthy,