Instructional Support Services (ISS) Committees

  • Several district level committees include district staff and parents who meet on a regular basis. Committee members review aspects of the Instructional Support Services program in order to provide the best education for students.

    • Special Education Program Council: The Special Education Program Council consists of staff and parent/community members, and meet approximately four times a year.  The Special Education Program Council works to enhance communication, and address aspects of special education of interest to parents and community members. 

    • Health Advisory Team: The Health Advisory Team has 12-15 members of staff and parents, and meets quarterly. The Health Advisory Team is an advisory body involved in various aspects concerning student health.  Bainbridge Island School District was among the first school districts in the State of Washington to use a teen screen from Columbia University to identify high school students struggling with mental health issues and suicide.  In October of alternating school years, students in grades 6, 8, 10, and 12 can participate, on a volunteer basis, in the National Healthy Youth Survey.  Results become available to BISD in March of that same school year.  The Health Advisory Team will review the results and present them to the School Board.

    • Highly Capable Education Advisory Committee: The Highly Capable Education Advisory Committee (HCEAC) has 12 members, comprised of district staff and parents, and is a district level leadership team that is responsible for the oversight of the Highly Capable Program. The team has focused on improving student identification, and developing individual learning plans and service delivery models. The Highly Capable Advisory Committee meets monthly and is influential in maintaining a quality program for highly capable students.

    • Instructional Support Services Review: The Instructional Support Service Department completed a program review in the spring of 2015. Please see Instructional Support Services Program Review for details.
    Diane Leonetti
    Executive Director, Special Services