• Book vs. Movie Challenge

    Posted by Tamra Hauge on 11/18/2019

    Over the next two weeks in the library, students K-4 are being introduced to a school-wide challenge!  In the spirit of community and encouraging a love of reading while trying out new books and genres, I've partnered with Island Cool for a Book vs. Movie Challenge!


    This is completely optional, but if you're interested in participating, here's how it works:

    1.  Read a book that is also a movie.picture of book

    2.  Watch the movie of that book.movie reel

    3.  Get a Book vs. Movie double bubble map from the library.  This is a graphic organizer that students use to compare and contrast.

    double bubble map



    4.  Fill out the double bubble map to compare and contrast the book and the movie.  Students should aim to complete each bubble on the map.

    5.  Turn in the completed graphic organizer and the questions that are on the back-side of the paper to Mrs. Hauge.

    6.  Mrs. Hauge will check your work and if complete, you will earn a FREE 4 oz. frozen yogurt coupon from Island Cool!

    island cool


    A few things to think about...

    *It does not matter if the book is read first or not (i.e. you may watch the movie first if you prefer.)  The book and movie must be the same version.

    *The book may be read independently or read aloud to you.  Playaways do not count.

    *Written work must be legibly (parents can help with the younger grade level students) and show proper conventions (capital letters and punctuation where appropriate, and complete sentence(s).)

    *Parent signature on the form must be included.

    *The last day for the challenge (and to submit your form and earn a coupon for FREE yogurt) is Wednesday, December 18th!)

    *You may participate as many times as you'd like before December 18th!


    Special thanks go out to Island Cool for supporting this school-wide challenge and generously donating the coupons!  

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