• All curriculum is research-based and aligns with the Common Core State Standards. 


    We are very excited to be implementing a new reading curriculum, Collaborative Literacy. Collaborative Literacy has three components:  Being a Reader (foundational skills/decoding), Making Meaning (comprehension strategies), and Being a Writer.  Wtihin the compoments, it also includes spelling (encoding) instruction and handwriting at the primary grades. Being a Reader has leveled books that sequentially teach students "how" to read.  Making Meaning is a sequence of whole group literature lessons that focus on building comprehesion skiills. To make it even better, social emotional learning is at the core of these materials and embedded in the lessons particularly in the choice of authentic literature at each grade level.  Being a Writer is the writing (and handwriting) component. 



    We will use Collaborative Literacy as the basis for our writing program. In second grade we focus on different aspects of writing such as; narrative, opinion/argument, friendly letters, informational writing, and poetry. We also go throught the complete writing process: plan, rough draft, revise, edti, and publish.

    My Math 
    District adopted math curriculum. Includes a technology piece for school and home use. 
    ST Math - Technology Component
    The main character is Jiji. The program is aligned to our class curriculum and therefore, we expect students to spend about an hour a week utilizing this program through school and home use. 
    Instructions on how to install ST Math on your home PC and/or tablet:  
    ST Math instructions for Home Use                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    Second Grade has the following science units:Matter and its Interactions, Investigating Plants, and Bainbridge Beaches. Students also attend STEM class with Mrs. Graham once a week. Science is often integrated into our ELA, Writing, and Math lessons, giving students several opportunities to explore and learn more about these topics.                                                                                                 
    Social Studies:
    In primary grades, social studies is a bit more informal than in intermediate and secondary grades and is integrated into the curriculum and classroom discussions. We have a unit on the Bainbridge Island community, and use Scholastic News, Newsela, and Junior Achievement to reinforce the theme of community.