• Field Trips: This year we have several special guests and field trips.  We will go to the Bainbridge Historic Museum.  We will enjoy a trip to the Seattle Aquarium.  Usually we attend a play at BPA.  At the end of the year, we travel to Fort Ward and have scuba divers bring up marine creatures for us to observe.  Vicky Edmonds, an incredibly talented poet and teacher, will join us for four special poetry sessions.  You can pay for all field trips through Skyward for a small fee. 


    Contact Information: Please contact me for any reason.  No reason is too small if you think it’s important. Often seemingly small things can have a great impact on your child’s attitude and ability to concentrate at school, such as the death of a pet, not feeling well, or a parent away on business. I’m happy to answer any social or academic questions you might have throughout the year.  I understand that the stretches of time between report cards can be a long time to wait for information.  My phone number is (206)780-1468. Please be aware that this number rings directly into the classroom. I also check my e-mail frequently throughout the day so feel free to use this means of communication.  sshuholm@bisd303.org


    Snack: Please no sugar for snack! We have a set time for snack each day and students are responsible to bring their own snacks.  Snacks can be packed with lunches. Please help your student choose something healthy, quick, and easy. Please note that we have extreme nut allergies in our classroom.  Suggestions: crackers, yogurt, fruit, veggies, cheese, etc. Snack is optional but recommended. 


    Buses/Absences:  If your child needs to take different transportation from their normal routine, you must send a note, email Ordbus@bisd303.org or call the office.  Without a note or a phone call, I am required to send the student on his or her normal route. During the school day you need to call the office to make transportation changes.  Please call the attendance line to report absences (206) 780-1075. 


    Homework:  Your second grader is expected to read 15-20 minutes an evening. 


    Birthdays:  Birthdays are celebrated on your student's birthday.  Due to the dietary restrictions within our classroom, you are welcome to send in non-food treat for the class on your child's birthday. For example, an eraser, pencil, etc. We will sing and celebrate at the end of the school day.  


    Toys:  Please help your child leave all distractions (toys, stuffed animals, etc.) at home except on Read-a-thon days.  If they need to pack toys for an after school activity or play date, these items need to stay in their backpack all day.  If a child is being distracted by a toy during class time, that item will live safely in a special box at school until the last week of school at which time it will be returned to the student.  The children have complete understanding of this expectation. 


    Volunteers:  If you would like to work in the classroom helping students and preparing instructional materials, please contact me.  You may sign up for a regular time each week or call ahead when you have a free day.   I will confirm the volunteer schedule with you at the fall conferences.  Parent helpers will start after October conferences.  Please don’t bring siblings when you come to work in the classroom as they have the potential to be a distraction for us. Also, please remember to register as a volunteer with our school district through the BISD website. 


    Behavior/Climate: My classroom climate is structured and loving.  My goal is to work with each student to problem solve any issues that arise and help them become the very best second grader that they can be. 


    Thank you,

    Ms. Shuholm